10 Best Custom ROMs for Gaming In Android 2022 { Updated }

Here are some of The Best Custom ROMs For Gaming options that are sure to make your day!

Best Custom ROMs for Gaming | Best Custom ROM For Android

Are you a gamer? If so, custom ROMs might be better for your phone or tablet. Flashing a custom ROM on your phone can be crucial in games. Custom ROMs are custom builds of Android that give you faster performance and more customization options than are available in the original operating system.

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  • Do custom ROMs improve performance?
  • Do you need a custom ROM when it comes to gaming?
  • Best Custom Rom For Better Gaming Performance:
  • DerpFest
  • Havoc OS
  • Corvus OS
  • Arrow OS
  • AOSP Extended
  • Nusantara OS
  • Resurrection Remix
  • LineageO
  • Evolution X
  • Pixel Experience
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Here we take a closer look at some of the best custom gameplay ROMs, including their pros and cons, to help you decide which one is right for you. This article will help you find the best custom ROM for you to have a much better gaming experience.

Do custom ROMs improve performance?

This question is asked by anyone considering a custom ROM for their gaming device. There are a number of reasons why flashing a custom ROM on a device. Of course, the main reason is to get rid of bloatware (unnecessary apps that come pre-installed in stock ROM).

Bloatware may not be very effective when using your device, but over time it slows down the loading and scanning of your system when you try to multitask or play games.

However, you can also accomplish this by rooting your Android smartphone, but custom ROMs can reduce the anxiety you may feel about removing the wrong system program, which can make your device unlockable or make unexpected errors.

Even if you get rid of unnecessary pre-installed software that quietly relies on sucking resources in the background, the end results when gaming can be disappointing. The performance of each device is highly hardware-dependent, with little emphasis on software.

Do you need a custom ROM when it comes to gaming?

It depends on whether you are a hardcore gamer or just a casual gamer. If you consider yourself a serious player, custom ROMs can help you get the most out of your Android device and even the games you play on it.

There's no more disappointment than encountering technical issues with a custom ROM on your gaming smartphone or tablet while trying to complete tasks or eliminating other players during a game.

If you want to flash a custom ROM just to improve the performance of your device, you can skip the idea. Hardware plays an important role when it comes to performance and games.

Custom ROMs can add more features and customization and give you full control of your device with cleaner and better performance than stock ROMs, yet you still need optimal hardware for a perfect gaming experience.

The Best Custom Rom For Better Gaming Performance in 2022

In this blog post, we are going to talk about some of our favorite custom ROMs for games that you should try today.


DerpFest Custom ROMs For Gaming

The first custom ROM we want to review is DerpFest. This custom operating system does not require root access, which can be useful for people who are just starting out and do not know much about customizing their phone or tablet.

It was also designed with many different customization options in mind. So if you are looking for something that will truly make your device feel like your own, then this might be the best option out there!

The only downside is that this custom ROM does not work on all Android devices as its performance has been customized rather than usual. So be sure to do a little research before setting up to see if it works right on your particular type of smartphone or tablet.

DerpFest never disappoints in terms of performance and gameplay, it really is in the first place, and in my opinion, DerpFest is the best custom game ROM you can find.

If you like gaming and really want to enhance your gaming experience even more, then you should try these best Magic Mods for gaming.

2. Havoc OS

Havoc OS Custom ROMs For Gaming

For gamers who are looking for a choice with most other mobile operating systems, Havoc OS OG Gaming is worth a look. With lower-performance gaming and aggressive battery-saving features designed specifically for those who want the best of both worlds, this ROM will surely appeal to Android users who love new technology and features.

Havoc OS is a custom ROM specially designed for gamers. It offers simple and minimalist features that lead to a clean and decisive user interface without compromising on customization. One of the best Android ROMs for gaming is Havoc-OS, which does not require a custom kernel to run. It has a clean and simple user interface as well as a long-lasting battery that makes daily use also easier.


3. Corvus OS

Corvus OS Custom ROMs For Gaming

Corvus OS is lightweight, sleek, and one of the best custom ROMs for Android games. Corvus is a custom game ROM made specifically for gamers. Its user interface and features make it unique from other custom ROMs. This ROM game offers stability and great performance with various features that other ROMs do not offer.

With a special "game core" you can control and manage FPS effectively. Corvus OS is the best choice if you want an even better experience in PUBG Mobile, Call Of Dusty, Free Fire, and other games.

This has a number of features that allow for excellent performance, especially when it comes to games. It comes with stability + game core features and clever standard custom memory management to provide enough RAM for intense gameplay. It gives you constant FPS in PUBG Mobile and other games.

People who are looking for adaptation and stability along with a game-friendly environment can install Corvus OS and it also comes with Google apps out of the box, which is very important for those who want to play games like PUBG Mobile without having to flash G-applications It also offers longer battery life and ensures smooth play on your Android phone or tablet.


4. Arrow OS

Arrow OS Custom ROMs For Gaming

Arrow OS is designed for gamers looking for an unlimited Android custom experience. It offers maximum gameplay with no down frames and no delays.

All of this stability comes with a lot of battery consumption, but every single charge is worth it, as your device will never crash or give up in hard battles against other players in challenging games like PUBG Mobile.

Custom features include CPU / GPU control, which helps regulators use resources more efficiently when playing challenging games, making everything from streaming to video recording much smoother than ever before.


5. Extended AOSP

Extended AOSP Custom ROMs For Gaming

AOSP Extended is a popular Android operating system that not only aims to make your device more enjoyable with custom settings but also offers many features and high-speed gaming. AOSP Extended includes options such as changing the lock screen, status bar, and other settings so you can change them as you wish.

AOSP Extended is one of many AOSP-based custom ROMs that offer a smooth and seamless experience. One particularly cool feature for players is the FPS boost option.

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When your game drops below 58 FPS, it will automatically increase to prevent quality loss. This means you will not experience any unexpected FPS crashes and can focus on approaching enemies sharply without sacrificing what matters most.


6. Nusantara OS

Nusantara OS Custom ROMs For Gaming

Nusantara OS is a simple and clean custom ROM that also offers many custom features. This customization comes with a kernel that makes the game more stable and also offers performance for other applications.

Nusantara OS is compatible with most kernels and can be upgraded to increase stability. The best thing about this custom ROM is that it offers excellent performance in both everyday use and gaming.

Adjusting your game settings such as temperature and power profiles will give you a superior gaming experience. If you want your gaming experience to be customized, Nusantara is the best custom ROM.

Our game-oriented ROM of your choice for this guide, Nusantara is fast-paced in everyday situations and also offers an unparalleled gaming experience. The customization options are limitless and will really help you make your game dreams come true!

Among the many custom ROM games, Nusantara OS definitely shows the best performance and will definitely live up to your expectations.


7. Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix Custom ROMs For Gaming

One of the most famous custom ROMs in the gaming world is Resurrection Remix. It is minimalist and offers a range of customization options, as well as high performance and stability with low resource usage, making it one of the best for players on all systems.

One of the most important things about a custom ROM is that it should work well and be stable. This ROM will not let you down in any area where its performance is perfect. Resurrection Remix is ​​available for almost every possible phone and also has transfer options to suit your preferences.


8. LineageOS

LineageOS Custom ROMs For Gaming

While many of you may not know the name, LineageOS is actually the same custom ROM that started with CyanogenMod. In the fall of 2016, Cyanogen Inc. announced that it would stop development and shut down the infrastructure behind the project. Since then, the development community has kept the project alive, albeit under the name LineageOS.

LineageOS takes Google's AOSP code and adds your own custom code to it. LineageOS acts as a standalone ROM and source code for many other custom ROMs. It has the largest development team under its name and officially supports more than 190 devices.

ROM comes with some basic yet useful features, including customizing the status bar, changing the overall theme, changing the navigation bar, and more.

Although Google's AOSP is original, LineageOS gives you a sense of alignment while maintaining stability. That said, if you want first-class privacy and security in a custom ROM, I highly recommend LineageOS. Not to mention this time, the development team worked very fast to bring Android 11 and it is available for many devices.


9. Evolution X

Evolution X Custom ROMs For Gaming

If I had to describe Evolution X I would say it was a continuous version of Resurrection Remix yesterday. This is due to the large number of custom features it offers without sacrificing ROM stability.

Evolution X combines several snippets of code into one main project to offer a long list of features for multiple devices. Although this means that updates are a bit slower, they can still offer regular updates.

Also, Evolution X has its own customization bar where you can make system-level changes. It also comes with an Android gesture navigation system. Recently, the development team behind Evolution X decided to remove some features from ROM as these features were not very useful and slowed down the system. As a result, the latest releases are more stable than ever and save system resources.


10. Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience Custom ROMs For Gaming

One of the best things about PixelExperience is the emphasis on simplicity and reliability. There are not as many custom options here, but it makes up for it by being one of the most consistent custom ROMs available, perfect if you can not afford annoying errors on your Android smartphone.

If you are a beginner in the world of custom ROMs and just want to try out custom ROMs, PixelExperience offers Pixel features for non-pixel devices. It offers all the features that a Pixel phone has to offer for your Android device. With device managers around the world, PE also has a large number of supported devices. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is a custom ROM good for games?

ROMs are modified AOSP permissions Android. Upgrading a custom ROM will only lead to cleaner and better performance and maybe a slightly better gaming experience, but you still need enough hardware for this UHD 120 / 60fps gaming experience.

Q. Improve custom ROM performance?

Upgrading a custom ROM allows you to unlock additional features and sometimes improve performance. With a custom ROM, you can even change things like the color of the notification light, the intensity of the vibration, the color saturation of your screen, and more.

Q. Which phone is better for custom ROM?

OnePlus 8T is still the best overall option if you want to try out custom ROMs and OnePlus makes it as easy as possible to modify your devices. There is a wide range of ROMs available for your device and if you break something it will not void your warranty.

Q. Is the Corvus safe?

Yes, as long as you use the correct download for your phone, as the wrong one may freeze your phone. It's just as secure as Stock Android, but if you use it on a radical device, you'll need a good root manager like Magic Manager or SuperSU to be completely secure. I enjoyed what it did when I used it on my last phone.

Q. Is the pixel experience better than Miui?

By comparing MIUI and Pixel Experience, the Slant community recommends Pixel Experience for most people. When asked "What are the best custom Android ROMs?" "Pixel Experience is in second place, while MIUI is in eleventh place. The main reason why people choose Pixel Experience is that the dark theme is present throughout the system.

Q. Does Lineage OS improve battery life?

Yes! It certainly does. I have been using this operating system for many years and there are no battery issues in any version of it. It even works great on newer Lineage OS versions of Android OS for my battery.

Q. Which custom ROM is best for PUBG Poco F1?

If you want to customize, you can choose -EvolutionX, Havoc OS. CrDroid and Pixel Experience are good too! To use the basic Lineage operating system. You can also change the kernel after the ROM has flashed to improve battery performance and backup.

Q. Can custom ROM increase RAM?

You can not "speed up" your phone, add storage space, or upgrade other hardware by rooting your device. However, you can remove some unwanted system applications while rooted, which should give you more storage space in your phone.

Q. Can I use custom ROM without root?

You can install custom ROMs without rooting your Android device. Root opens the operating system so you can install and modify anything on your Android device. To flash a custom ROM, all you have to do is open the boot loader and enable USB debugging in the Settings app.

Q. Is it good to install a custom ROM?

Setting up a custom ROM allows you to control your own hardware. You can switch from one operating system to another, adjust other settings and customize the experience until you are as happy as possible with Android. So your phone is really yours and you can do whatever you want with it.

Q. Which custom ROM is safe?

Custom ROMs, including LineageOS, CalyxOS, and GrapheneOS, offer a way to make your smartphone experience completely personal and secure.

Q. Are custom operating systems secure?

Yes, custom ROMs are just as secure as stock ROMs. But as long as you install the correct ROM, there will be no problem.

Q. Is Lineage OS Safe?

LineageOS is the largest custom ROM for Android. It's safe, private, and without Google.

Q. Are Network ROM Games Safe?

In general yes. As others have pointed out, the ROM or even the simulator itself could be maliciously infected. So it depends on your ROM "source" and/or the competitor itself. As a rule, I never had to worry about "my collections".

Q. Is it possible to install TWRP without root?

You do not have to root your device to install TWRP, but you do need to open the boot loader, which will wipe everything on your device.

Q. Is the warranty for installing a custom ROM invalid?

Installing a custom ROM involves opening the boot loader and installing a custom recovery, so YES, installing a custom ROM will void the warranty, no matter what device you use, except in rare cases if you have a Cyanogen phone. Mod that runs out of the box will not void the warranty.


If you want to Fully Customize Rom I recommend that you use Resurrection Remix OS.

If you want the Best Gaming Performance, go to Evolution X ROM.

If you want the Best Features, go for Pixel Experience or Havoc OS.

And if you want a Smooth And Optimal User Interface, choose LineageOS, AOSP Extended.

Whether you want to get the best performance from your Android smartphone or want to save money on a new device using an older device, there are plenty of custom ROMs out there that can meet your needs as a gamer.

The best thing about Android is its ability to give its users full control over their devices. And that includes improving your gaming experience to some extent.

While the process can be long and a bit complicated for some, it is worth opening up these options and features. Once you have set up your device the way you want it and removed all the unnecessary apps and features you do not normally use, you will notice a huge difference in your Android experience.

We've put together our favorite competitors and custom operating systems below that will significantly enhance your gaming experience. Let us know who your favorite is!

If we missed any of your favorites from this list, feel free to mention them in the comments section so we can add them.

Do you already have one of these custom ROMs installed? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments below.

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