21 Best Money Management Apps In 2022 { Latest }

Regardless of whether you are an individual, a member of a household, or an entrepreneur, money management is very important. Without shrewd money management, we often end up spending more than we can afford or lose track of our money.

21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

That mainly happens because most of us don't keep a track of our income and expenses. The result can be disastrous: we won't have enough money when we need it most. However, there are several of the best budgeting apps that are now readily available.

These help us in our daily money management for all purposes, personal money management and for businesses. So if you find it difficult to manage money, read on.

Because in this article, I will provide a list of the 21 best money management apps for businesses and individuals. These money management apps will eliminate almost all the hassle of knowing how much money is coming in and where it is going.

Let's start by understanding exactly what money management apps are. That should help you get a clear picture of why you need them to manage your money.

How We Picked the Best Money Management Apps?

After a lot of research and going through numerous types of Money Management Apps, we decided to narrow it down based on the following criteria:

Ease of use: A simple user interface that can be navigated without complications. We also look for ease of operation and where the data and graphs displayed are understandable.

App Authenticity: Since budgeting apps require a lot of details about your finances and in some cases involve syncing your bank account details, the authenticity of the app was critical. App store ratings and user reviews were also considered to determine authenticity.

Cross-platform compatibility and data sync: We considered the apps that provided the option to sync your data and were available on the iOS and Android platforms.

What are money management applications (budgeting applications)?

In simple words, a money management application or a budget application is something that you can download on your smartphone or computer.

Most money management applications link to your bank accounts. They keep track of all income and expenses related to managing personal finances or your business. 

You can create multiple headings for income and expenses in your money management application and assign specific budgets for each. That way, you have an income and expense plan. Individuals or households can benefit from these apps because they will know exactly where they are overspending and where they are saving. Businesses can keep track of things like their profits and expenses.

Also, you can use these applications to create a budget for your home or business. Whenever you are over budget, the money management app alerts you with a tone or via your dashboard.

These financial apps take many hassles out of managing your money, such as the need to personally remember each income, expense, or budget. These money management apps can also help you invest your savings to grow money.

And they also help you find your net worth, helping you plan ahead.

There are many of the best personal finance apps available on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Therefore, it can be a bit confusing for you to select the one that best suits your needs as an individual, household, or business owner.

Therefore, in this article, I list the top 21 budgeting apps for everyone that includes you as an individual or even an entrepreneur.

21 Best Money Management Apps List


YNAB 21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

YNAB stands for You Need a Budget. This is a business app and the best personal finance app with various features to help you manage your personal or business budget.

They provide graphs and charts that allow you to track your savings progress over a period of time and budget information in real-time via your smartphone.

This application is highly secure and all your data is encrypted. That is, no unauthorized person can access your personal or business financial information.

If you find bugs, they provide email support. Additionally, YNAB also gives you access to over 100 free online budgeting and personal finance workshops each week. YNAB is available at no cost for a 34-day trial, while the paid version costs $ 84 per year.

However, considering the facilities and money-saving options you get, especially if you are an entrepreneur, this is the best money management app for you and it is a small fee to pay for hassle-free money management.



  • Complete budget makeover
  • Free 34-day trial
  • Strong customer service and comprehensive education


  • $84 per year
  • More time-intensive to learn
  • Recent sync issues

2. Mint

Mint 21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

Mint is one of the best financial apps. It is useful for managing all your finances in one place. Mint provides you with balances and budgets, as well as facilities for setting financial and credit health goals.

Once you start using Mint, you can receive financial summaries and alerts via email or text messages at your convenience. And you can receive a free credit score too from Equifax.

However, the application does not have investment functions. However, they have more than 25 million users, which makes it one of the most popular money management applications.

The basic version of Mint is available for free. However, for some advanced features, you can look forward to the paid versions. The ad-free version is available for a one-time fee of 99 cents only.



  • Free budgeting app
  • Free TransUnion credit scores
  • Investment tracking


  • In-app product advertisements
  • Some complaints about technical issues
  • Spending categorization could be better

3. Personal capital

Personal capital 21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

One of the amazing and free money management apps that you can use is Personal Capital. It has a panel that helps you link your bank accounts and credit cards.

This is very useful for keeping track of your entire net worth. Personal Capital also provides a wealth of analytical resources and access to a financial advisor who can help you create personalized money management and investment plan.

One-on-one advice is one of the strongest features of this app because it helps you get expert money management advice that is tailored to your situation.

This application is free to download and use. And you can also create personal or business budgets with this application.



  • Free wealth management app.
  • Retirement Planner tool.
  • Education Planner tool.
  • Net worth tracking.
  • Fee Analyzer tool for your portfolio.


  • Less focused on budgeting.
  • There is no option to manually add transactions for budgeting.
  • Sales call for wealth management services.

4. Pocket guard

Pocket Guard 21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

If you are looking for a simple yet highly efficient money management application, I highly recommend choosing Pocket Guard. This is one of the easy-to-use money management apps that link to your credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts. You can also keep track of your student loans through Pocket Guard.

One of the best features of Pocket Guard according to me as I have tested numerous Money Management applications is that you can set budgets for various expenses. It is also possible to create expense heads for your specific needs. Pocket Guard then monitors your budgets and keeps track of whether you are overspending on things other than regular bills. It also alerts you to credit card offers and any expenses you make on them.

Here you can download and use Pocket Guard for free. And if you want a premium version, you will need to make some digital purchases.



  • Free basic budgeting app
  • Cash flow at a glance
  • Easy to use


  • PocketGuard Plus has a cost
  • No phone support
  • Some complaints about technical issues

5. Good budget

Good budget 21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

Good budget Goodbudget is also on my list of the best money management apps for a reason. They have a unique system known as envelope budgeting. It allows you to synchronize your budgets and share them to save for bigger expenses. It is one of the best financial planning apps.

They also provide a built-in feature to pay all your bills through the app. Goodbudget is a free application. However, if you prefer to go for the advanced version, the annual subscription costs $ 60. Or you can go for the monthly plan for just $ 7. This is also one of the most modern and fastest money management applications.

6. Insights from Marcus

Insights Of Marcus 21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

Marcus Insights was once known as Clarity Money. However, Goldman Sachs bought Clarity Money and therefore the app now has the new name, Marcus Insights.

This application is available for free to all Android-based smartphone and iPhone users. The application allows you to link your bank accounts, credit cards, and debit cards. That way, you can get an overview of all your finances at the same time through a single platform.

You can also organize your expenses under multiple headings and create a heading to save money as well. The app tracks your spending and makes tips for saving. It also visualizes various expense and cash flow scenarios to give you a better idea of ​​how to manage your money.

7. Albert

Albert 21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

Albert The Albert money management application comes loaded with resources to help you verify all of your linked bank accounts, credit card accounts, investments, savings, credit scores and more through a single platform. You can also get financial advice from qualified and experienced financial consultants on savings and investment plans.

These are human advisers, so you can ask them questions or request financial planning for yourself, your home, or a business.

These experts provide you with one-on-one advice on a variety of money management topics. In addition, Albert provides a wealth of information and analysis using his data so that you can better manage your money and keep track of all expenses.

This is a free application to download and use and is among the best of its kind.

8. Acorns

Acrons 21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

Acorns are very popular with Americans who want to start investing with a small amount of money. In fact, you can invest as little as $ 5 in stocks, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, currencies, cryptocurrencies, and commodities with this app.

At the same time, this application also helps you keep track of your finances if you link your bank account, credit card, and debit cards. You can consider it as the best money tracking app.

You can allocate some money each month from your paycheck to start a savings and investment plan. They also provide tips and advice on how to invest in the right financial instruments to grow your money.

This app is endorsed by partners like Blackrock Finance and CNBC, among others. Approximately 10 million Americans use the Acorns app. You can use the free version or opt for their paid packages that start from $ 1 per month and go up to $ 5 per month.

9. Simplifi by Quicken

Simplifi by Quicken 21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

Simplifi by Quicken Simplifi by Quicken is like a one-stop-shop. It gives you the complete picture of your finances by allowing you to see all your bank accounts, loans, credit cards, and investment products from a single dashboard. 

You can check your bank balance after paying all the bills and set expenses under various headings with monthly or weekly budgets to make sure you don't overspend. You can also create your own savings goals and rework the categories you spend on.

It is also possible to allocate a specific amount of money as a budget under various headings to ensure that you stay within a specific spending limit. Simplifi by Quicken is free for a 30-day trial period. Later, you can continue using the app for just $ 3.99 per month or $ 35.99 per year.



  • Strong cash flow tools
  • Watch lists for mindful spending
  • Free 30-day trial


  • $35.99 per year
  • Some complaints about technical issues

10. Expensify

Expensify 21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

With over 10 million users across the United States, Expensify is one of the best money management apps you can use. They have a pre-accounting process in the app that you can use to calculate expenses, invoices, and invoices.

You can also scan invoices and invoices, keep track of your business and personal expenses from the control panel. They also have a feature from which you can book tickets for travel.

Expensify comes with more features such as multi-level approval workflows, mileage tracking, and corporate card reconciliation, among others, making it a great option for entrepreneurs. You can use the free version or go for the advanced paid version which costs $ 4.49 per month.

11. Trim

Trim 21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

If you really want to save money and use an investment application, I would recommend that you use the Trim application. That's because it's one of the best money management apps you can get for a small fee of $ 99 per year.

However, you can try Trim for free for 14 days before deciding if it is the right application for you. Trim helps you budget by analyzing your spending patterns and suggesting ways and means save money.

It can also help you manage all your cable TV, internet, mobile phone, and landline bills, add or cancel subscriptions you don't need, and even pay medical bills if necessary.

It connects you to a kind of Robo-advisor that uses two-factor verification to ensure that your data is safe and does not fall into the hands of hackers or unauthorized people.

12. Credit Karma

Credit Karma 21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

Also, check out Credit Karma, which is another great, next-generation money management app for individuals, households, and businesses.

You can also request a free credit score from this Credit Karma app. Credit Karma makes it possible for you to file your income tax returns as individual or state and federal taxes as a business. And they have an amazing feature that helps you save on taxes too, through the expert advice of a Robo-advisor.

You can get tips and adjustments to save money on spending that Credit Karma tracks. They have several other features including an approval probability calculator if you are applying for a loan or credit, a financial progress tracker, a help roadmap creator, and a free investment planner. Credit Karma is free to use.

However, you must register by registering and providing basic details to use this application.

13. Ms Envelopes

Ms Envelopes 21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

Ms Envelopes Mvelopes is an application that helps you plan and budget for all your savings, income and expenses through its easy-to-use control panel. In short, it helps you implement great money management, even if you don't have the skills to do it.

They use the tried and tested envelope budgeting system that helps you budget for all expenses and keep track of them while you find ways and means to save. You have two options for using Mvelopes.

One is by linking it to your bank accounts, credit cards and debit cards. Or you can use the app without linking, but feeding the data manually. You can link multiple accounts, including savings, checking, time and fixed deposits, mortgages, debit and credit card accounts not linked to your bank, and much more.

They also have a personal financial advisor to help you record your savings and investments and get started. Mvelopes is a paid application. They charge $ 60 per year for the beginner level and $ 590 per year for the advanced level application for businesses and individuals.

14. EveryDollar

Every Dollar 21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

EveryDollar helps you create monthly budgets and keep track of your expenses under various headings. It has an automatic alert system that warns you when you are reaching your budget or exceeding it for any reason.

You can create your first budget in 10 minutes, according to the description in the application. However, this application is simple and easy to use, as well as intuitive. All you need to do is add your monthly income and your projected expenses.

It helps you keep track of expenses and warns you when you are exceeding a specific budget. This app is also useful for managing money if you really want to save money by budgeting.

The app comes with a 14-day free trial. They have various subscription plans starting at $ 59.99 for three months, $ 99 for six months, and $ 129.99 for one year.

15. Wally Kid

Wally kid 21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

You can save a lot of money by setting a daily spending budget in the Wally app. This makes it easy for you to take control of all your finances and manage your money properly. Daily Expense Tracker helps you eliminate frivolous or unwanted expenses and helps you save a lot of money.

You can set specific goals and budgets for them while planning grocery expenses and other essentials. You can also sync all your bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, investments, and loans with the app to get a general picture of your financial health.

They have flexible budget periods if you plan to save for something big. The basic Wally app is free to download and use. However, the premium comes with many other great features. It costs $ 4.99 per month.

16. Spendee

Spendee 21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

You can easily access all your bank accounts, e-wallet, cryptocurrency wallets, investments, and loan accounts to the Spendee app. This app gives you an overview of your income, savings, assets, and liabilities from its great dashboard.

You can also create short-term and long-term budgets in Spendee, if you are planning an expensive purchase or want to increase loan and credit card payments, the basic version of Spendee is free to use.

However, if you are looking for additional features, you can go for the Plus plan at $ 14.99 per year or the Premium plan for $ 22.99 per year.

Paid apps are also useful for entrepreneurs who want to track their business expenses and cash income.

17. Self Employed

Self Employed  21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

Self Employed The Intuit QuickBooks Self Employed app is designed specifically for small entrepreneurs and startup owners, as well as the self-employed. You can track both your business and personal expenses and cash flows at the same time.

You can schedule multiple payments to your business partners or even cable TV and Internet bill payments.

This application has automatic mileage tracking and calculates the estimated taxes that you will have to pay both as an individual and as a company. The application comes in several versions.

The basic freelance plan is priced at $ 7.50 per month, while the freelance tax package is priced at $ 12 per month. The freelance live tax package will cost you $ 17 per month. 

18. Freshbooks

freshbooks 21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

Another awesome app for freelancers and other people in the freelance professions, as well as entrepreneurs, is Freshbooks.

This is because it has built-in accounting software that makes it easy to bill your clients, track payments, and schedule your payments and taxes. You can also use its functions such as project planning and expense planning, among others.

Freshbooks is a very sophisticated application that all entrepreneurs can use. You can also use this application to make payments and manage reports.

The Lite Freshbooks plan costs $ 6 per month, while the Plus plan costs $ 10 per month. The premium costs $ 21 per month. You can also get a 30-day free trial for this app.

19. Dollarbird

Dollarbird 21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

Dollarbird is an ideal app for families and households or even charities.

However, Dollarbird can be easily adapted for freelancers, freelancers, and small businesses. Dollarbird is a calendar-based money management application. That means you can also include your past financial transactions as well as schedule upcoming ones and include recurring transactions or expenses as well.

This is an application based on artificial intelligence, which helps to track your cash inflows and expenses very easily. 

However, Dollarbird is not a free application.

The Pro version of this app costs $ 39.99 per year, while the Pro Unlimited plan costs $ 54.99 per year. They also have a business plan for startups and freelancers as well as for medium-sized companies.

20. Venmo

Venmo 21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

Venmo is not exactly a money management application.

However, it helps you save money when you shop through the app and pay with Venmo. Keep track of your cash income and expenses.

And as long as you pay with Venmo, it is possible to get a cash refund on certain occasions. You can also send and receive money from family and friends using Venmo.

The application is free to use. However, Venmo makes some money from its financial transactions.

21. Zeta

Zeta 21 Best Money Management Apps | Free Online Money Management Apps And Wallet

Zeta is one of the few free budgeting programs that are specifically designed for couples, with shared finances or not. The application is aimed at all kinds of couples, including those who live together, are engaged, married, or are newlywed parents.

You can sync multiple accounts to track expenses, view your net worth, and manage accounts together. You can also sign up for a free joint bank account and cards with features like no account fees, digital checks, access to the Allpoint ATM network, contactless payments, and bill pay. All of these improved features make Zeta our top pick for couples.



  • Free Budgeting Application, and no-fee Joint Bank Account
  • Designed for all types of couples
  • Features like no account fees, contactless payments, and bill payment


  • Low APY for joint account

Best Features Of Money Management Apps

Obviously, some of these apps are not free, as we can see from the list above. So, if you opt for a paid app, the best way to select one is by looking at the various features and services that they offer. So these are some of the features to look for while opting for a paid money management app to get the most out of it.

Income tracker

Income tracking is very important because every person, household or business can plan their expenses only if they know the income and its sources. Without tracking income, it can be difficult to plan expenses or budget for any purpose.

Net Worth Tracker

Net worth tracker is very important today for individuals, households, and businesses. That's because most Americans don't have adequate savings for retirement and emergencies. When an app offers you net worth tracking, you can find out how much more money you need to save.

Bill Tracker

Bill Tracker lets you know if you are overspending on something in particular, such as unwanted cable TV channel bundles and magazine subscriptions. You can also find out if your energy bills are high and find ways and means to reduce those bills.

Spending Habit Tracker

Most of us spend thoughtlessly two or three times. And often this leads us to situations where we run out of money when we need it most. A good money management app also tracks your spending habits to warn you when your spending is about to exceed a set limit.

Expense Tracker

Not all expenses are unwanted or excessive. However, having an expense tracker also helps a lot. That's because we know where the money is going and the amount balance. In some cases, an expense tracker can help you reduce your expenses.

Cash flow tracker

Tracking cash flow is important for freelancers and entrepreneurs. That way, they can know how much money is coming into or has gone into their bank accounts. This helps them plan their expenses and investments or savings plans.

Receipt Capture

Nobody likes having printed or handwritten receipts at home or in the office. Therefore, a receipt capture feature in the money management application helps you digitize the process. You can capture an image of the receipt and store it in the application for future reference if necessary.

Tax deduction

Not many apps have this feature. But it is useful if your money management app can offer this feature, especially if you are a business person or a freelancer. This feature helps you to know how much tax needs to be paid and the due dates.

Investment Tracker

If you are investing in stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, or even your own business, investment tracking is one feature you can use. It helps you to know the cash outflows and the value of your investments on a given day. For entrepreneurs, it can provide some insights as to whether your business is making a profit or is running at a loss.


If your app provides analytics, that's great. Because we never analyze our own income, expenses and savings. With analytics, we can get a clear picture of all our financial habits and rectify them if necessary through proper money management.


Q. Why do I need personal finance apps?

The main reason it is so difficult to save money is that we cannot monitor and ultimately control our spending prudently and easily.

There are various money management apps and solutions that can act as your financial manager and help you effectively manage your money and personal finances.

Keeping track of your expenses and creating a weekly or monthly budget is always a good money management strategy to maintain a proper balance between your income and expenses. Keeping track of money is helpful in staying in good financial shape and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

However, it takes time and effort to track every penny manually. We also forget some costs from time to time. There is no need to worry if you are dealing with a similar monthly budget management problem. Like your finance manager, these money management apps can help you identify areas where your expenses can be cut.

At the same time, these financial planning apps will inform you of the best possible investment avenues that will generate the highest return on your investment. Many people use these programs to manage their finances and have found them very useful.

You can read their reviews about these money management apps in India on Google Play.

Q. Is YOLT safe to use?

Is it safe to use Yolt? Yolt expresses that 'safeguarding your data is one of our fundamental values and has the following security measures: Regulated by the authorized external provider of open banking of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Q. Do Budgeting Apps Really Work?

Budgeting apps are a great tool to help you make sure you're meeting your budget, not just planning one. They can give you valuable information about your spending habits, where your money is going, and where you can make improvements.

Q. What is the simplest budget app?

While many budgeting apps claim to have user-friendly interfaces, each person has different tastes and preferences. It's hard to say which budget app is the easiest to use, but the eight highly-rated budget apps are designed to deliver a positive user experience.

Q. What is the best monthly budget app?

The best monthly budget app is the one that best suits your personal finances. Each of the apps recommended above has features to help you avoid common budgeting mistakes that can be applied to a variety of money management styles and financial goals.

Q. What makes a successful budget?

Budgeting is a process that begins with identifying your financial goals and prioritizing savings (and spending). When you know how much money is going in and out, you are better prepared to handle the expected and unexpected financial challenges that life brings.

Your budgeting habits are important too - the clearer your mindset about money, and your spending and saving habits, the better your budgeting and investing efforts can meet your goals. If you have money habits that you need to improve, the right app can help.


One of the questions people ask me is whether money management applications are secure and whether information or data about your personal finances is leaked to hackers or unauthorized persons.

That's understandable considering identity theft and app-based fraud cases are on the rise.

However, I claim that all these money management apps are safe because they never show full details of your bank accounts or credit and debit cards, or even investment accounts.

And most applications use encryption to ensure that your data is not hijacked.

Then they are safe.

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