13 Free Chrome Extensions For UI/UX Designer In 2022 {Updated}

It is not easy to be a designer, you have to be creative, organized and updated at the same time. Although there are many UX tools available on the market, browser plugins that aren't that great say they have their share. These plugins can be very useful and help you stay organized and up to date with the world of design.

Let's take a look at some of the most popular Chrome UI UX extensions for designers:

13 Free Chrome Extensions For UX/UI Designer

13 Free Chrome Extensions For UX/UI Designer In 2022 {Updated}

1. UX Check

UX Check is a Chrome app that helps designers improve their website UX by identifying usability issues without real user input. As a designer you are not familiar with heuristic feeds, this supplement helps you create your own heuristic list and run feeds using that list.

2. UX Radar

A free plugin available on the Chrome Store that helps designers test the usability of their website. It comes with a series of specific questions to help you identify and address reforms.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is great for making sure that all the material you write is in harmony with the gods of grammar. For my part (you have definitely witnessed reading this article) I always need a grammar test. The grammar is so sweet that it highlights things that can be improved and provides constructive feedback. I found myself stuck with the relatively correct attribute as I am constantly trying to get to 100. Positive use of gamification with Grammarly!

4. WhatFont

I think most designers already know about this or similar tool and would have it at the top of their list.

The WhatFont plugin is a useful tool to retrieve the fonts displayed on the page. It allows you to hover over different fonts and select them to identify the font family, style, weight, size, line height, and color.

5. CSS Peeper

Do you find yourself constantly digging into code and struggling with the Chrome Viewer? Try switching to a simpler tool, CSS Peeper, which helps you extract CSS without having to "dig" the code.

6. Dark Mode

Split all web pages into a dark mode with an extension. Here is an example:

Dark Mode | 13 Free Chrome Extensions For UX/UI Designer

7. GoFullPage

GoFullPage is a browser plugin that can take screenshots of the entire web page you are browsing in your browser.

When you click the plugin icon, the plugin scrolls down and over the current page you're viewing in your browser, merging each scrolling window into an image that appears in a new tab.

8. ColorZilla

This is the tool that comes in handy when we need to redesign the website and the client says to keep the same color palette as the current website, but has no styling instructions for it.

9. UI.Vision RPA

It is a free and open browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that can be extended with local applications for desktop UI automation. UI Vision can be used for a variety of uses, such as browser automation, web testing, web scraping, screen scraping, etc.

10. + Flip It

Designers are creative professionals and there is no shortage of creative ideas on the internet, but would you bookmark any websites that you find useful? A better way to save everything you like on the web is to save it to Flipboard with one click.

It is completely free to install + Flip It.

11. Muzli 2

If you thought designers needed to be in a room to come up with their next best design, think again! We need to follow design trends, be inspired by the work of others, and stay up-to-date with the latest news in the UX UI world.

This extension is currently only available to Chrome users and brings you the latest design, UI, UX, news and interactive images from anywhere on the web.

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12. Smuuvr

Here is a free supplement that all web users can benefit from! It really helps improve and improve your favorite websites like YouTube, Amazon, Trello, WordPress and more. It's a great addition if you want to experience a smoother user experience.

13. Lighthouse

Lighthouse is an open source automated tool for improving any website's quality. You can run it on any website, public or require authentication. It features performance audits, accessibility, progressive web apps, SEO, and more.


So, these are the 13 best browser plugins for UI UX experts. We've also covered Chrome and Firefox add-ons for developers in general. You also have to check them out! There are some great discoveries in it. We hope you found this post useful, feel free to share it with other friends and spread the word. Are you using a special UX-related plugin that we haven't covered here? Let us know in the comments below!

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