Top 15 Personal Loan Providing Apps For Instant Personal Loan | Lower Interest Rate

Is it embarrassing to ask your friends for money at the end of the month? Or are you planning a loan, but the process seems to be long? Don't worry; personal loan apps have secured it.

Personal loan apps can get your money instantly, and sometimes even in a matter of minutes. They can save the day in an emergency or when you've run out of money for a big day.

All you have to do is download the app, register, upload the documents and apply for the loan. Once approved, the funds will be transferred to your bank account or wallet.

Top 15 Personal Loan Providing Apps For Instant Personal Loan | Lower Interest Rate

Today I have mentioned the top 15 personal loan providing apps in India that can easily get you the money you need.

I have listed some very important features like interest, minimum and maximum amounts and payment period in points. This can be your basis for comparing apps and finding out what works best for your needs.

Top 15 Personal Loan Providing Apps In India:-

1. Money View

Money View Personal Loan App

Money View is undoubtedly one of the best personal loan app in India. You will be able to enjoy the great amount of benefits that it offers to its clients.

You can instantly avail small loans without any paperwork, ensure the safety of your business and enjoy application transparency as they do not deduct any hidden fees. They offer you flexible EMI options so you can control the interest rates charged.

Minimum loan amount - INR 10,000

Maximum loan amount - INR 5.00.00

Interest rates: vary from 16% to 39% per year.

Working time - 3 months - 5 years

Shipping costs: vary from 2% to 8%


2. Branch Personal Loan App

Branch Personal Loan App

This app is easy to use and is trusted by its millions of users. The Branch Personal Loans App is included in Branch International Financial Services; NBFC Registered RBI.

You don't have to pay late fees or transfer fees, go to office visits, or provide insurance. On the other hand, you get 24/7 access to your app, quick and easy registration, and a free credit check.

Minimum loan amount - INR 750

Maximum loan amount - INR 50,000

Interest rates: range from 2 to 30 percent

Working hours - from 62 days - 6 months

Shipping charges - 2 percent and up


3. Smart Coin

Smart Coin Personal Loan App

The smart coin is now available in more than 18000 PINs and thus it is available in PAN India. To date, it has provided more than 2 million unsecured loans to its 9 million users. It is easy to download and does not require insurance.

RBI-listed NBFCs run smart coins. It has been recognized by national and international organizations such as VISA, IFC, Google Launchpad Accelerator and Global inclusive50 by MetLife.

Minimum loan amount - 4000 INR

Maximum loan amount - INR 1,00,000

Interest rates: vary from 0% to 30% per year

Working hours - 62 days to 180 days

Processing fees: vary from 0% to 7%


4. CASHe

CASHe Personal Loan App

This personal app is for employees only. You can save yourself the hassle of asking your friend for the money at the end of the month. Just use CASHe and get started. You not only get a variety of personal loans, but also purchase loans.

It allows you to purchase your product and then pay later. You can use this buy now and pay later at Amazon, Flipkart, Apollo Pharmacy, Big Bazaar, Uber, and Myntra.

Minimum loan amount - INR 1000

Maximum loan amount - INR 3,00,000

Interest- 30.42% per annum

Working time - 3 months - 12 months

Shipping charge: 1.5% or INR 500, whichever is higher


5. mPokket

mPokket Personal Loan App

MPokket is best suited for students and employees. Today it has more than 1.5 million Indian users. Once you receive approval, the amount will be immediately deposited into your Paytm bank account or wallet.

Loans are provided by mPokket Financial Services Private Limited. It is NBFC registered with RBI.

Minimum loan amount - INR 500

Maximum loan amount - INR 30,000

Interest rates - 0% to 4% per month

Working hours - 61 days to 120 days

Shipping cost - INR 50 - INR 200


6. Early Salary

Early Salary Personal Loan App

Early Salary is an innovative and easy to use app for paid professionals. They allow you to enjoy flexible repayment terms and do not charge prepayments. It has already disbursed 1.7 million loans to date, amounting to more than INR 3 billion.

Most of these loans are approved and deposited within ten minutes. It offers various loans like short and long term personal loans, free educational loans, salary cards, etc.

Minimum loan amount - INR 8000

Maximum loan amount - INR 5,00,000

Interest rates - 0% to 30% per annum

Working hours - 90 days to 24 months


7. TrueBalance

TrueBalance Personal Loan App

More than 75 million users in India trust the TrueBalance app. The app not only gives you a loan, but also allows you to earn money from home, recharge, book tickets and more - access from India. You have 24-hour access to your personal loans and you can also extend the repayment period many times.

Minimum loan amount - INR 5000

Maximum loan amount - INR 50,000

Interest rates - 5% to 9%

Working hours - 62 days to 116 days

Average proportion - 60% to 154.8%

Shipping costs - 3 percent


8. Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan App

Bajaj Finserv is one of the best and well known app in India. It recently launched feature packs like account payments and mobile charging, Bajaj Finserv wallet, easy UPI payments, better monthly account discount, and cost manager. You must apply for an instant loan and get approved with this app.

Minimum loan amount - INR 30.00

Maximum loan amount - INR 25,00,000

Interest rates - 12% to 34%

Working hours - 12 months to 84 months

Shipping cost - INR 500 - INR 2000


9. KreditBee

KreditBee Personal Loan App

KreditBee has already built a community of around 5 billion people. You can easily pay off your loan in minutes and meet your financial needs.

They only work with RBI certified NBFCs that guarantee transparency. You also enjoy flexible payment options, which can change your interest rate from 0% to 29.95% per year

Minimum loan amount - INR 1000

Maximum loan amount - INR 1,00,000

Interest rates - 0% to 29.95%

Working hours - 62 days to 15 months

Annual rate - 22.9%


10. Kissht

Kissht Personal Loan App

If you own a small store or business, Kissht is what you might be looking for. You can easily get a loan to buy your product and pay it back at a low interest rate.

The app also allows its users to scan and pay electricity bills, gas bills, express labels and postpaid bills. It offers two types of credit, namely revolving loans and quick small business purchase loans.

Minimum loan amount - INR 10,000

Maximum loan amount - INR 1,00,000

Interest rates - 14% to 28% per year

Working time - 3 months - 24 months

Shipping costs - 2% to 5%


11. IDFC First Bank

IDFC First Bank Personal Loan App

IDFC Bank is one of the most trusted and well-known banks in the country. This app can provide you with funds for home renovations, debt payments, and even emergencies, business, wedding, vacation, or other personal expenses. These loans are based on EMI and do not require collateral.

Minimum loan amount - INR 20,000

Maximum loan amount - INR 40,000

Interest- 10.49%

Working hours - 12 months to 60 months

Shipping costs - approximately 3%


12. Buddy Loan

Buddy Loan Personal Loan App

With loans for friends installed on your phone, you can apply for instant loans, search and apply for your dream job, see many offers and also make interesting offers. It's safe and ensures you don't run out of money when you need it most.

You are free to use your funds to meet any of your financial needs as they believe in politics without question.

Minimum loan amount - INR 10,000

Maximum loan amount - INR 15,00,000

Interest - 11.99%

Working hours - 6 months to 5 years

Annual rate - 36 percent


13. MoneyTap

MoneyTap Personal Loan App

MoneyTap only charges you interest on the amount you have withdrawn from your wallet. All you have to do is log in to the app, enter the necessary information and upload documents, complete KYC and transfer the money to your bank account. They are now available in more than 85 cities across the country.

Minimum loan amount - INR 3000

Maximum loan amount - INR 5,00,000

Interest - 13 percent per year

Working time - 3 months - 3 to 36 months

Shipping costs - about 2%


14. NAVI

NAVI Personal Loan App

Navi is an application that offers loans and health insurance. All your personal loans are repaid by Navi finserv limited. It is the NBFC that does not accept deposits under the control of the RBI.

Personal loans are 100 percent digital and give you flexible loan and EMI options. You can quickly transfer money directly to your bank account. You can get personal loans, mortgages, mutual funds, and health insurance from NAVI.

Minimum loan amount - INR 5000

Maximum loan amount: 20 lakhs for personal loans

Interest rate - 9.99% at 45% per annum

Working time - 3 months to 72 months

Minimum household income - INR 3,00,000


15. Paysense

Paysense Personal Loan App

Paysense is present in more than 180 cities in India. You have already provided a loan of 1 lakh for the past 12 months. It's a two-minute loan application, paperless documents, and has convenient and cost-effective EMI as well as interest rates. You also get an EMI calculator in this app to keep track of what you pay for.

Minimum loan amount - INR 5000

Maximum loan amount - INR 5,00,000

Interest rates - 16% to 36%

Working hours - 3 months to 60 months

Prepayment allowed after 6 EMI payments



So, here is the list of top 15 best personal loan apps in India. If you are confused about what to look for in a good app, you can refer to the following list:

  • Low interest rates
  • Good rating and reviews
  • Maximum and minimum amounts used
  • It should be managed by RBI
  • Low handling fees
  • Customer service
  • Easier to use

There will be different features for your different needs, but this is a broad list that you can use to compare the apps. Be aware that there are certain scam apps that can drain your bank account.

That's why it's so important that you review these apps before linking your bank details to them.

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