How Your Google Chrome Data Can Be Hacked Very Easily

How Your Google Chrome Data Can Be Hacked Very Easily

Google Chrome is the world's most widely used browser on computers and smartphones because it offers Google security and also many advanced extension features that you can install various extensions such as a grammar checker, link shortener, screenshot, etc. to suit your needs and make things easier for you.

Google Chrome also offers its users the ability to sync data, which makes it easier to remember long passwords and auto-fill forms like address and name. This feature gives users more flexibility in accessing their credentials on other devices where the Chrome browser is installed.

So, let's discuss how a hacker or anyone who doesn't even have hacking skills can crack your Google Chrome sync data. Hacking Chrome data is not possible directly, and in different situations, many alternative methods are used.

Today I will explain how Chrome browser data can be easily hacked by anyone. Suppose one of your friends or anyone who can directly interact with you in the real world asks you, "Can you give me your mobile phone, I just want to search for something on Google", so you might give them your device without thinking twice.

This is where the real game starts, now the person who has access to your Chrome browser can export all your data from Chrome and send a copy to their email address (which can be a temporary email). 

The Google Chrome browser offers an autocomplete data export function and you can view it:

  • Click the three-dot menu in the top right corner.
  • Click on settings, then select autofill
  • Click Password Manager
  • Click the three dots next to the add button and click export.

The same process may be slightly different for Android phones.

Now you can send this data in document format to anyone.

This is the way to do things in a very quick and easy way. The purpose of this data export feature by Chrome is to give users more flexibility when users have two different accounts.

But in my opinion, this feature can be used more in illegal ways. I hope this information was useful to you and I hope you learned something new from this article.

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